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Throw bag

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The sandbag, but next level. Even more grip, even better throwing performance. All thanks to the GorillaGrip Throwbag. Ready for next level workouts where you push your own limits? The Throwbag gives a big boost to your core and arms because your body is constantly stabilizing. Perfect for the home athlete or gym.

The Throwbags are made of ultra-strong corduroy and are shipped empty (excl. filling). For ultimate grip, the handle is made of rubber, so you can train as if your life depended on it. For each product it is indicated up to how many kilos the Throwbag can be filled, so you can choose from 15KG (30lb), 25KG (50lb) and 35KG (70lb). You simply fill it with sand or rubber crumb. The rubber crumb can be ordered in bags of 20 kg in our webshop.

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In stock


  • Delivery time: 1-2 working days
  • Free shipping from €100 and under 30kg.

The Throwbag is sold without content. This can be filled with filling sand (available in the hardware store) or rubber crumb.


The 15KG Throwbag from GorillaGrip is for anyone who has a good basic condition and enough strength, and is ready for a (new) challenge. You can get started with different workouts, so that you strengthen your muscles. And thanks to the rubber handle you have a good grip. Don't underestimate a workout with the Throwbag, before you know it you'll be exhausted on the floor.
25KG clean on the hook and ready for a big challenge. If you are trained with heavy workouts and cross training, then you should definitely try this Throwbag. A next level sandbag, but thanks to the rubber handle an ultra good grip. This bag knows no mercy and challenges you to throw, swing or push.
The biggest and baddest: the 35KG Throwbag. Are you a seasoned athlete and don't shy away from a heavy-duty workout? Then you don't want to let this next level sandbag pass you by. We call it 'next level' because thanks to the rubber handle you can get even more out of your workout. The good grip ensures that you have 100% focus on your exercise and can break your own PRs.


Throwbag material: corduroy 1050D
Handle material: rubber
Length: 27cm, 34cm or 38cm
Diameter (filled condition): 20cm, 28cm or 31cm


1x Throwbag in different weight classes
Extra strong rubber handle
Indoor and outdoor
For young people and adults