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About us


Our online store is filled with what we're really passionate about. Obstacle Shop was created because we absolutely love OCR, survivalrunning and obstacle courses. Having personally participated in numerous survival and obstacle runs, our enthusiasm for obstacles knows no bounds! As experienced enthusiasts with years of experience, we know exactly what's important for making safe and high-quality products and obstacles.


Obstacle Shop is the best in supplying products and construction materials for your obstacle course or gym. For private individuals and professionals. Our products are designed to enhance climbing techniques, strength, and overall fitness. With knowledge of what components are suitable, effective, and the optimal materials to employ, it's our pleasure to provide, and set up a new challenge for you!


We think it's really important to deliver good quality and be eco-friendly. We're supporters of circular construction. This is a way of building that cares about using things again and not making waste from the start to the finish. At our shop, you'll find materials that last a long time, and we also use eco-friendly energy whenever we can.


Obstacle Shop is located in the Northern Netherlands. With a hardworking and talented team, we're spreading our excitement at home and abroad. Our goal is to become the biggest supplier of products and building materials for OCR and survival run sports in Europe within five years. And we're excited about every challenge we come across as we work toward this goal.


That’s why our motto is: We turn obstacles into solutions!