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  • Ontketen je Innerlijke Ninja met de Ninja Grips!

    Unleash Your Inner Ninja with Ninja Grips!

    Do you ever consider the power of your grip? At Obstacle Shop, we certainly do. And not just casually; we have a secret weapon in our arsenal that pushes the boundaries of what's possible: Ninja Grips. Whether you are a...

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  • De Veelzijdigheid Van een Training Met de Powersled

    The Multisided Training With the Powersled

    Training with a power sled is an effective way to take your training to the next level. This multifunctional exercise builds strength and muscle mass, improves your fitness and adds variety to your routine. The power sled is especially popular with Crossfit, Hyrox and fitness. Obstacle Shop offers durable sled pull ropes for safe and effective training.
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  • De Kracht van een Klimtouw

    The Power of a Climbing Rope

    Do you want to push your limits? Discover the thrill of the climbing rope - a crucial obstacle in OCR, Survivalrunning, Hyrox and Crossfit, and a challenging addition for Gyms and sports clubs!

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