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Monkey Bar Xtra

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€380,00 - €570,00
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A Monkey Bar is a very popular object for an obstacle course and in the gym. With a monkey bar you train your upper body such as arms, back and shoulders. In addition, it stimulates your motor skills and coordination.

In addition to the standard handles, the Monkey Bar Xtra has a pegboard and ringpegs. Three exercises in 1 training object! 

All monkey bars are manufactured in our own workshop and are of high quality. They are very strong and have a good grip.

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Home, OCR, Obstacle run, Crossfit, Fitness, Bootcamp, Survivalrun, Ninja warrior.
For kids and adults.
For indoor and outdoor.


Monkey Bar Xtra
indoor or outdoor version.
Length: 4 - 5 - 6 meters
Width: 70 cm
Weight: 34 - 42 -65 kg
Handle Diameter: 35mm
Distance between handles: 50 cm
Material: Beams with high quality class - C24 construction wood.
Handles: Ash wood, this type of wood is strong and tough.


Made in Holland
Strong and robust.
The monkey bar outdoor is preserved under KOMO quality.
Includes set of rings and two aluminum pegs.
The monkeybar is supplied without a load-bearing structure.


You can mount a monkey bar in different ways. With bolts, with rope, with the matching wall bracket on a wall, or with stainless steel connectors on a round wooden post