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Flange with double connector

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This type is the Flange with double connector and suitable for mounting two horizontal posts on a horizontal post.

Approved for use in professional obstacle courses.

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Approved for obstacle courses by the SBN, the Dutch Association for Survival Running (Obstacle Course Running).


The flange is the bowl-shaped part. The connector is the round part.
Flange double connector 14. The flange and the connectors are suitable for a post of ø14cm.
Flange double connector 14-16-14. The flange is suitable for a ø16cm post, the two connectors for a ø14cm post.
Flange double connector 16. The flange and the connectors are suitable for a post of ø16cm.


Material: Stainless steel (304).
Material thickness: 3mm for posts ø14cm and 4mm for posts ø16cm.
This type is suitable for a load of 500kg per connector (3mm) and 700kg per connector (4mm).
Including counter head screws 8x80mm. Hardened stainless steel. Specific for outdoor constructions.


Welded all around for a neat finish that prevents finger pinching.
Slots for drainage. This prevents water from remaining in the connector.
Through the opening of the logo you can see whether the post has been pushed far enough into the coupling piece.