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Have an obstacle course built by JOSC Hindernisbouw

JOSC Hindernisbouw builds professional obstacles and obstacle courses for defence, sports clubs, schools, recreation companies and private individuals in the garden. They build for anyone who wishes, at any location! With great pride and great pleasure, the JOSC Hindernisbouw team was even able to build the obstacle courses at various barracks. So if you want to know how high the quality is: the soldiers of Defense train on their obstacle courses!

The team members of JOSC Hindernisbouw are unique. Each with their own character and craftsmanship, they form a great team. Everyone has a love for this unique profession. With a combined experience of 50 years in obstacle construction, and with a background in the sports Survivalrun, OCR and Crossfit, they also know what they are doing as a user. They can convert customer wishes into products like no other.

JOSC Hindernisbouw builds many obstacle courses every year

For sports clubs, schools and the Ministry of Defence. Small or big, for fun or training, it doesn't matter to us. Building makes us happy and likes to contribute to an active lifestyle.

Do you have a question? Please contact us via the email address below or fill in the Contact form in. Then we will deal with your question as soon as possible.

JOSC Hindernisbouw BV
Leidyk 3
9243 WH
Bakkeveen Netherlands
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